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Impacted Third Molar Removal In Middle Age & Elderly Patients

Over the past few months, I have unfortunately had to remove impacted wisdom teeth from a number of middle age and elderly patients. This patient population has a significantly higher risk of complications when compared to the typical third molar patient, age 15 – 25. Complicating medical conditions and decreased wound healing ability are common […]

Control of Bleeding During Tooth Removal

lntraoperative (primary) control of bleeding when extracting teeth is predicated upon gaining control of all factors that may prolong bleeding. Surgery should be as atraumatic as possible. Carefully placed incisions and gentle management of soft tissue is paramount in this endeavor. Great care should be taken to avoid crushing soft tissue, because crushed tissue can […]

Wisdom Teeth – To Be Or Not To Be

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that erupt in the late teens or early twenties — so-called because they come in around the age of maturity or “wisdom.” While teeth are designed to last a lifetime, wisdom teeth are often problematic requiring early removal because they frequently become impacted, meaning they are not […]

The Right Time for Removing Wisdom Teeth

When it comes to your wisdom teeth, the old adage, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it,” does not hold true. Many times your third molars or “wisdom teeth” can be negatively impacting your mouth even though they are not causing you any pain or discomfort. For example, having a tooth press on the roots […]