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Tooth Extraction – Managing Pain

The Procedure Itself Thanks to a wide variety of anesthesia choices available to us these days, you should feel no pain during your extraction. After the Surgery Over-the-Counter Medicines: Generally speaking, over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen are all that you will need following your surgery. Staying On Top of Pain: It […]

FAQs Regarding General Anesthesia for Oral Surgery

Here in our office we perform a variety of treatments including dental implants, facial reconstruction and teeth removal. If you have recently been diagnosed with a condition that requires any of these types of treatment, you will likely be required to go under general anesthesia. 

For some people, impeding anesthesia can induce a bit of […]

Breathing Difficulty Emergencies in the Office

Foreign body aspiration in the dental office usually occurs when a small object such as part or all of a tooth, filling material, or small instruments such as implant screw drivers or an endodontic file, is inhaled into a patient’s lungs.  This is usually diagnosed by direct observation of the patient along with any coughing […]

Could Diamonds be an Oral Surgeon’s Best Friend?

Dr. Keene routinely replaces missing teeth with dental implants here in our office.  Dental implants are artificial tooth “roots” made of titanium, used to anchor dental prostheses, including crowns, and implant supported bridges and dentures. One of the largest factors in successful dental implant placement is adequate, healthy bone density to anchor the post. Unfortunately, […]

Questions to Ask About about Dental Implants

Doctors who are actively involved in implant dentistry should be more than willing to provide patient testimonials and references, as well as before and after photos of their cases. Also, ask about membership in professional associations related to implant dentistry. It does not certify proficiency, but it is a statement of commitment to this growing area […]

Control of Bleeding After Tooth Removal

Occasionally, patients will return to the dentist with bleeding after adequate intraoperative (primary) hemostasis has been achieved. The reason for the post-operative (secondary) bleeding is often secondary to trauma precipitated by the patient continuing to spit blood from the mouth instead of effectively applying pressure with a gauze sponge. Often times, a patient will continue […]

Does Arnica Really Help Healing after Oral Surgery?

Herbal or homeopathic remedies and other forms of integrative medicine (holistic medicine; new ways to treat the mind, body, and spirit—all at the same time) continue to grow in popularity; however, it is critical that you consult our office and/or your physician prior to taking them to ensure they will be safe for you and […]